Liberal TKO


We need to score points against right-wing lunacy, keep ’em on the ropes, deliver knockout punches to right-wing talking points, deflect right-wing misinformation. Political commentary, and highlights of the best in the blogosphere who score a LIBERAL TKO. To contact the sitemaster, e-mail Julie Driscoll at


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  1. I just read about your new site at J$ and came right over to check it out and wish you good fortune with it.

    Good luck!!!!

    Comment by Grammie — May 26, 2010 @ 9:07 PM

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    Julie Driscoll & Bryian Revoner

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    Meet Liberal TKO’s Authors, Julie Driscoll & Bryian Revoner

    Hello! Facebook political activist Bryian Revoner and I are glad to have you join us here at Liberal TKO, where we strive to knock out right-wing nonsense. We don't define ourselves as simply "progressives" or "Democrats" . . . we're proud ultra-liberals, and we're taking the gloves off . . . .

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