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Eminem, Rihanna and Megan Fox . . . A Chilling Video | August 6, 2010

My youngest son, rapper Mpulse, directed me tonight to this video. I watched it, and I felt my adrenaline pump, felt the now so far distant feelings of fear and anger and love and hate . . . the abusive situation — been there, done that. I watched this video over and over, and I couldn’t get over the feeling that it evoked, just as it hit me that this video is one of the most honest and powerful depictions of the domestic violence cycle of abuse I’ve ever seen. Ever.

As a feminist, I should hate Eminem’s music. His lyrics, particularly his older tracks, are violent and misogynistic. His anger is palpable — but his lyrics are honest and powerful.

Watch the video. It’s disturbing, fascinating, violent, chilling . . . and true.


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