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Rahm Emanuel: Joe Barton Reminded the American People, This is How the Republicans Would Govern | June 21, 2010

Update: Sarah Palin — in her typical junior-high-style retort — twittered a response to Emanuel:

Rahm’s probably, like, “Sarah who?”

Maybe it’s because I’m from Chicago, and, well, it’s just what we do here — but I love the way Rahm Emanuel plays politics. I like the arm-twisting, I like the colorful language, and I like the refreshing attitude of “I don’t give a f**k.”

Yeah, Rahm’s gonna get blasted by the right (so what else is new?) for his blatantly partisan comments on ABC’s “This Week” — but he is not wrong, my friends.

We’re going to be going ’round and ’round on Representative Joe Barton’s apology to BP and then apology for the apology for some time to come — he was right, he was wrong (of course, he was wrong) — but Rahm, as always, didn’t mince words . . . and took the opportunity to remind Americans why they voted for change in the form of President Obama.

“You could say it’s a political gift for us — and it is — but it’s dangerous for the American people,” Emanuel said.

He went on to say, “That’s not a political gaffe . . . Those are prepared remarks. That is a philosophy. That is an approach to what they see. They see the aggrieved party here as BP, not the fishermen . . . .”

And Sarah Palin’s guy, Rand Paul . . . Obama’s tough stance on holding BP’s feet to the fire to pay for the clean-up was viewed by Paul as “un-American.” Really, though? Emanuel had some harsh words for both Barton and Paul, saying that those views “are a reflection of the Republican party’s governing philosophy . . . They think that the government’s the problem . . . I think what Joe Barton did was remind the American people, in case they forgot, how the Republicans would govern.”

With John Boehner implying (before he walked it back) that taxpayers should somehow be made to pay for the clean-up, and Barton apologizing to BP for President Obama forcing it to pay for the clean-up — and requiring it to make a big, good faith down payment on it — you’re damn right, we see how Republicans would govern.

The Party of No to any progressive agenda would turn into the Party of Yes to big corporations.

If Washington doesn’t want him, we’ll take Rahm back here in Chicago. I kinda like the sound of “Mayor Emanuel.”


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