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Sharron Angle’s Scary “Independent American Party” — A Party That Would Consider Sarah Palin Too Liberal | June 17, 2010

According to a report by, conservative Nevada senate nominee Sharron Angle wasn’t always, what is she now, a “tea party candidate?” She’s flopped around politically more than a fish on land. From 1984 to about 1988, she was even a registered Democrat — but that’s only, according to her campaign, because she was supporting a “conservative Democrat.” Based on her recent political idealogy, even a “conservative Democrat” would be damn near socialist.

But okay, so she flies around with the political wind. No shocker there. What I found shocking, though, was what I learned about the Independent American Party, which Angle was a member of for about a year in 1996. I wandered over to the website, and found some nuggets that would have Phyllis Schlafly salivating.

On Family” . . . “Fathers and husbands are leaders, providers, defenders — and have the respect of their families. Wives and mothers of young children are stay-at-home moms, homemakers, and oft-times home school teachers — nurturing their families.”

It appears, from her biography, Angle was a teacher in 1996 . . . straying a little, it seems, off the IAP’s stay-at-home-women path. I’d guess that Angle’s naked political ambition wasn’t a good mix with the IAP’s agenda for women in 1996 — which would explain, I suppose, why she left the IAP just a year later, in 1997. Political expediency above political idealogy, I guess.

But moving on . . . what else does the IAP endorse?

“As a nation, we discourage all forms of family disruption — such as separation, divorce, illegitimacy, homosexuality, and abortion — by religious, social and legal sanctions.” (emphasis added) Yup, as I suspected — the party of “anti.”

“There is an all-out assault,” the website reads, “by pornographers, abortionists, feminists, homosexuals, pagans, many educators, the entertainment media, and other elements in our society to weaken or destroy the Christian concept of family.” Feminists. Yikes. What about all those “mama grizzlies” out there, i.e., self-proclaimed conservative “feminists” like Sarah Palin? Would she not be welcome in the IAP?

Is this a Party that even Sarah Palin is too liberal for?

The site goes on to work the fear around divorce, claiming that it drives kids to suicide. In fact, the site cites the erroneous statistic that “suicide is the second leading cause of teenage deaths, next to auto accidents.” (Actually, suicide is a fairly distance third, preceded by auto accidents and homicide.)

So this is Angle’s former political party. And you know, even though Palin didn’t officially endorse Angle as a candidate (although she did offer this on her Twitter feed: “”@SharronAngle Great job Sharron!Reid’s overspending will blow up r economy.Stay strong;People see through the spin&sparks.Do well 4 America!”), and would probably be an unwelcome member (given her super-dooper un-God-like career path and the fact that her daughter behaved immorally by having an “illegitimate” child), she appears to have adopted some of the IAP’s language. Some of her talking points appear to have been swiped directly from the IAP website:

“To return the control of government back to the people as intended. ”
“To advance the principles of freedom, patriotism, and traditional family values.”
“To identify and defeat all efforts to undermine and overthrow the Constitution.”
“To unite the independent votes, the silent majority, grassroots organizations, and other patriots and lovers of liberty under one umbrella . . . .”

In April, Angle introduced herself at an event by saying, ” “You know, I feel a little lonely today, I usually bring Smith and Wesson along . . . .”

As political endorsements go, I can’t imagine how Palin missed this one.


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  1. This article is incorrect. The links you provide are to the National Independent American Party website ( of which the Nevada IAP is not affiliated. The Nevada IAP is affiliated with the National Constitution Party and the Nevada IAP website is

    As a registered member of the Nevada IAP, I ask that you do your homework and please get the facts straight.

    Comment by Leonard Foster — October 25, 2010 @ 6:39 PM

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