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Charles Krauthammer: “Politically Smart” of Obama to Make Deal With BP, WH Lawyers Should “Create Loopholes in the Law” | June 15, 2010

Charles Krauthammer appeared on the All-Star Panel on Bret Baer’s Special Report today (along with Steve Hayes and Mara Laisson) to discuss President Obama’s activities around BP’s clean-up of the oil spill.

Krauthammer, a harsh but at times reluctant Obama critic, believes that now it’s okay for President Obama to cut some kind of deal with BP to clean up its mess. As Krauthammer pointed out, the cap for liability under the law at present is $75 million, but the President wants $20 billion.

Krauthammer said approvingly that the White House lawyers “create loopholes in the law or they find them, or they give Obama ammunition. . . by saying . . . our lawyers have looked at this and there are 18 possible laws that you may have violated and the penalties would amount to a lot more than the $20 billion escrow – how ’bout we make a deal?”

Although Krauthammer doesn’t believe the President has the authority to order BP, “I think he has the leverage to make BP to do it . . . very politically smart . . . that really puts him in charge of BP, at least as to restitution and compensation.”

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Hmmm . . . isn’t this the same Krauthammer who criticized the White House for its statement concerning Joe Sestak, which Krauthammer disapprovingly called “unbelievably lawyerly” and “deceptive?” Sounds like he’s criticizing the White House lawyers for looking for those famous “loopholes” in the law — the loopholes which Krauthammer now thinks are a-okay when dealing with BP. (Although, to his credit, Krauthammer also said that the Sestak “job offer” was much ado about nothing.)


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