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Carly Fiorina Is Pro-Life’s Version of an “Authentic Feminist” . . . What Do They Know? | June 15, 2010

The Susan B. Anthony List (the home of supporters of pro-life women candidates) referred to Carly Fiorina as an “authentic feminist” and a “strong pro-life alternative to Barbara Boxer.” Since when did being a feminist include making a snarky comment about her opponent’s hair? Since when did feminism include a denial of reproductive rights for every female? Since when did being a feminist mean a refusal to embrace gay rights? (Not only does Fiorina not embrace gay rights, she’s been involved with an evangelical church which “requires any gay or lesbian members to practice celibacy” . . . and not only is that cruel and heartless, but it also makes no sense — the fact of being “gay or lesbian” automatically includes same-sex sexual activity; if they quit having sex altogether, they’d be neither gay, lesbian nor heterosexual . . . they’d just be celibate.) Since when did feminism include an elitist view of healthcare reform and a rejection of the healthcare reform bill that would provide healthcare to millions of Americans? Nah, Fiorina summed it up as “”a cynical and partisan piece of work that was hastily written.” In fact, she wants to repeal it.

Feminist? Sheesh . . . more like another mean-spirited Palin type who looks at her own fairly privileged lifestyle and from that extrapolates that any woman can make motherhood work, can afford healthcare, and absolutely, positively, shouldn’t be allowed to be gay. Raped by a family member? Must be God’s plan. Raped by a stranger? Suck it up — give that baby life. A teenager impregnated by a man 20 years her senior, who will of course abandon her the moment she announces her pregnancy? Don’t be selfish — ruin your life so that baby can be born . . . but, of course, don’t depend on government to help you (or, for that matter, the likes of Palin and Fiorina). In fact, Fiorina can’t even manage her own “house” . . . she was rated one of the “Worst CEOs in America” and walked away from HP with a “golden parachute” after laying off at least 24,000 people. So yeah, don’t look to Fiorina to help you with that pesky unwanted pregnancy, and the resulting lifelong responsibility you may not be ready, or willing, to undertake. On the other hand, though Fiorina wants to deny you and I reproductive rights, she’s all in on letting people on the no-fly terrorist watch list buy guns. What a gal.

I am so friggin’ sick of these self-proclaimed feminists telling me what I should do with my own body — or, more accurately, since I’m past child-bearing years, what my daughter should do with hers. I’m sick of quasi-feminists like Palin forcing women to buy their own rape kits in Alaska — and then screaming indignantly about “equal treatment of women” for herself when rumors abound about whether she had breast implants. I’m sick of the cutesy phraseology embodied in “Mama Grizzly” . . . a newly-coined right-wing term meaning “feminist.” I’m sick of conservative women thinking all it takes to be a feminist is the proper anatomy — and that the strides in feminism over the past decades can be blown away by simply coining some new cutesy phrases while simultaneously stripping women of the rights “true” feminists have fought to acquire.

Do we really want women in office who throw other women under the bus to advance their own political, ideological, or religious agendas? Carly Fiorina screwed over a lot of HP workers — and got rich in the process. Is she really someone we want making rules for us?


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