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Republican Steve LaTourette Wonders Who The “Weenie and Pinhead” Is At Fox News | May 26, 2010

It’s great when Democrats push back strongly against the craziness we’ve become accustomed to hearing on Fox News. It’s even better when Republicans do it. Video below.

Today, Fox News — in the form of Fox & Friends (what a shocker) and Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network (I know, I know, it’s heard to believe) took swipes at Democrat Bob Casey’s Create Jobs and Save Benefits Act, which, without going into the fine details, is essentially a plan to protect pensions and benefits. Why do Republicans insist on going after this stuff? Don’t they have some illegal aliens to persecute somewhere? But I digress . . . Fox News, as we know, loves to hate Dems, and if there’s one unchanging element in a changing world, it’s that Fox & Friends, at least, can always be counted on to get it wrong — in this case, Fox & Friends and Varney likened the Act to a union bailout. (Oh, did I forget to mention that Fox pretty universally also loves to hate unions?)

But Ohio Republican Steve LaTourette, a co-sponsor of the legislation, took issue with the swipes by Fox News and the criticism aimed at the bill. On the floor of the House today, LaTourette said that it’s “nonsense” that the bill will bail out unions, and continued, “[A]nd I don’t know who the pin head and weenie is at Fox News that decided to put that story together. But the true facts of this piece of legislation are as follows. This bill will save the taxpayers by saying to those corporations that have union pension plans, if you find yourselves in a bind, rather than thrusting that upon the taxpayer, it spreads out over five years the ability to bring those pension plans up to speed. That’s good government, it’s a good bill . . . I don’t know what they’re doing at Fox News, but they should stop smoking it and get back to reporting the facts.”

I’m sure that Fox News will get back to reporting the facts — when the facts suit their right-wing, Christian-loving, anti-union, anti-Obama agenda.


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