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Shannyn Moore — More Palin Hypocrisy | May 18, 2010

Alaskan blogger Shannyn Moore can always be counted on to shine a laser beam on Sarah Palin’s lies, hypocrisy, Alaskan foibles and low moments (are there any other?) If you don’t know Moore, she’s been an ardent critic of Palin and, in fact, was threatened by Palin’s attorney with a defamation lawsuit. Despite this typically Palinesque defense against the truth, Moore refused to be bullied, and is still standing, continuing to report on The Worst of Palin.

Today, as reported by the Huffington Post, Moore called out Palin in another hypocrisy, calling her a “funeral crasher” by attending twice-Governor Wally Hickel’s funeral with “daughter Piper, the 8-year-old human shield, in tow.” Read more here as Moore keeps Palin on the ropes.


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